Thursday, August 30, 2007

goodness- what am I getting myself into

So, this is a big experiment for me. I have no idea about this blogging world on this end. I am happy to be a reader and have enjoyed it emmensely and I guess I just got inspired to check it out on this end, may be a total bust, we'll see as I'm just trying to figure it out. What has inspired me? Oh, lots but mostly when I'm playing leapblog-- I don't know if that's really a term but seems appropriate. I start at one blog and then pick a blog from their site and go there and then pick another blog on that site and on and on. Lots of fun and I've ended up all sorts of places. Let's see where I end up now.


O said...

Leapblog--I love it!
Good for you and thanks for the compliment...I post some stuff just for me and some because I hope someone will find it useful...thanks for letting me know some stuff has been of interest.
Hang in there and just start posting! And you'd be amazed how many "real" bloggers (like women who actually make money on theirs, etc.) could make up a whole 'nother blog with posts they wrote but didn't actually post! So you're not the first.
Welcome to the blogosphere!

Mary said...

Woo-hoo- my first comment- took me long enough to comment on my being commented to- :)