Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So what is IT?

Ok, so I'm blog stymied- with my lofty title of "trying to figure it out" what is IT? THAT'S my problem- IT is everything! Life, my kids, my staying home for now, my former career, clutter, weather, food, ....everything! When one tries to figure out everything they end up figuring out nothing. Nothing does not an interesting blog make. So in the near future I'm going to start blogging about figuring "it" out- "it" being small manageable subjects and the figuring out part- no definitive answers here- just explorations on life. But not right now, if you haven't guessed I can be quite a procrastinator :). But that's ok, IT will still be here tomorrow.


Pam said...

Found your blog through Jennwa's Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Leapblogging-LOL! Whatever IT is that you are looking for, you'll probably find a lot of answers on other mommy blogs. I know I have!

Beth said...

Like Pam, I found you through Jennwa's blog. I hope you keep your blog going. I have found blogging to be fun and like ranch dressing, very addictive!