Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moving Piles

I am a piler, have been since I was little. Sometimes it works for me and I know what stuff is in each pile or file as I get more organized or when I'm at work. But mostly I have lots of piles. Scenario: I have a huge pile- it's in a box- I go through it and throw lots of stuff out- then I have a smaller pile to repeat another time. Then they just get moved around and added to- a vicious cycle. I need to have files with categories and then stick with them. I need to not accumulate so much junk. The last few days I've been going through piles- the fear of possible a move has lead me to do something while we wait for the final verdict. Anyway- I went through 2 big bags of paper and got it down to one smaller bag- yeah. I also found $20 dollars in a card that was long forgotten- bonus. But piles still exist. To be continued as I continue moving piles.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Too much to figure out

Way too much to figure out. Thus the procrastination in blogland and life in general. A while back we talked about the possibility of moving someday- even potentially soon- I was panic struck at the thought of the vast amounts of stuff we have accumulated through the years. Too much stuff. Regardless of the when and where of a move I have to try to dig out for sanity sake. I have dabbled here and there in my attempts but too much stuff continues to remain. Any suggestions or words of encouragement are welcome. I know I'm not the only one with too much stuff, I think it is a very common affliction.
Questions: Is it too much or to much? Apologies if it is the later. Does anyone know anything about Texas?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still here

Just in case you are wondering by the empty blog, I'm still around. Still not committed enough to blog faithfully. I do love hopping blogs and reading blogs of friends and someday I hope to post more and utilize this blog too. But until then thank you for checking in and if I know you then hi. :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

PA as the next IA?

I've gotten several calls of sympathy from my family in Iowa-- they know all the "fun" that comes with political attention. The Iowa experience is very different as all the candidates descended on their little state as only the top two seek our attention. The candidate access and information deluge was both exciting and overwhelming by my family's report. My mom got swept up in it and caucused for the first time in many years- go Mom. Most of them were so glad when the caucus date finally arrived and reported that the phone calls, mailings, and TV and radio ads dried up immediately and this sudden drought was very welcome. So far I haven't seen this kick in here yet but it may. On the up side is the increased opportunity to hear the candidates first hand- I heard Obama speak in Iowa on Christmas break and am sure he will visit close to here at some point. What an interesting election year so far.
Oh, and it looks like posting monthly has been my style so far. Some day I'll take the time to get into this more- maybe, eventually.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tagged for starters

So I was tagged by Oonie, thanks. I have yet to figure out the fancier things of blogging like how to enable you to go to her site- sorry. Or to put people I know or other blogs I like on the side- all of this well come eventually. So the first tag is about the husband-which is ironic as for now I'm opting to keep him out of the blog as I can but here goes.
What is his name: To remain nameless How long have you been married: 10 + years How long did you date: about 7 years How old is he: older than me How old are you: 39 and counting :)
Who eats more sweets: Definately me- no contest! Whose parents do you see most? Definately mine, his are in another country and I've never met them. Who said I love you first: I honestly don't remember- I can remember when I first realized it but verbalized? Who is taller: We are exactly the same height unless he slouches. My older son though claims that my husband is so much bigger than me- which is funny as I'm much rounder than him and the same height- I guess it's all about perception. Who can sing better: Neither us us would win any contests, but when you pair his singing with his gorgeous guitar playing it melts my heart. Who is smarter: He is by far and very diversified in talents- math, literature... and better at vocabulary than me though it's his second language. Who does the laundry: Me- forever and always. Who does the dishes: Me. Who pays the bills: Me. His guilty pleasure: Reading, reading, reading. Sleeps on the right side of the bed: depends on the room and furniture arrangements. Who mows the lawn: Him. Who has more friends: I am more social and have more acquaintances but he has more close friends. Besides you, who is his best friend: A friend from way back. Who cooks dinner: Definately me, though I learned about cooking ethnically mostly from him. Who is more stubborn: that would be him by far but I am definately not unstubborn- not by a long shot. Who asked who out first: He did. What was your first date: A scrabble game. Before kids we played lots of scrabble. Who proposed: Sorry very unromatic, no proposals, just mutual conversations. Who has more siblings: he had 10 siblings and I have 2 sisters What is your favorite thing about him: Now, him playing with the kids- watching them giggle and totally take in their dad. Before kids, lots- but his parenting and care for family trumps all now.
Ok, so I did it- my first realish post- yeah- more to come definately- as far as tagging I don't know too many in the blogging world that haven't been tagged- Sue feel free to post on this if you'd like.
Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hopes for the new year

New year and new hopes. Hoping to get my act together, hoping to conquer my clutter, hoping to get more organized and productive, hoping to actually blog rather than just talk about it... They say just do it- here's hoping I actually will- someday- but not today. :(

Monday, December 3, 2007


Someday I'll get my act together and write some words here so it's not a pitifully blank blog- maybe I'll start with memes until I get my groove. But that day is not today or next week or before Christmas- maybe in the new year.