Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tagged for starters

So I was tagged by Oonie, thanks. I have yet to figure out the fancier things of blogging like how to enable you to go to her site- sorry. Or to put people I know or other blogs I like on the side- all of this well come eventually. So the first tag is about the husband-which is ironic as for now I'm opting to keep him out of the blog as I can but here goes.
What is his name: To remain nameless How long have you been married: 10 + years How long did you date: about 7 years How old is he: older than me How old are you: 39 and counting :)
Who eats more sweets: Definately me- no contest! Whose parents do you see most? Definately mine, his are in another country and I've never met them. Who said I love you first: I honestly don't remember- I can remember when I first realized it but verbalized? Who is taller: We are exactly the same height unless he slouches. My older son though claims that my husband is so much bigger than me- which is funny as I'm much rounder than him and the same height- I guess it's all about perception. Who can sing better: Neither us us would win any contests, but when you pair his singing with his gorgeous guitar playing it melts my heart. Who is smarter: He is by far and very diversified in talents- math, literature... and better at vocabulary than me though it's his second language. Who does the laundry: Me- forever and always. Who does the dishes: Me. Who pays the bills: Me. His guilty pleasure: Reading, reading, reading. Sleeps on the right side of the bed: depends on the room and furniture arrangements. Who mows the lawn: Him. Who has more friends: I am more social and have more acquaintances but he has more close friends. Besides you, who is his best friend: A friend from way back. Who cooks dinner: Definately me, though I learned about cooking ethnically mostly from him. Who is more stubborn: that would be him by far but I am definately not unstubborn- not by a long shot. Who asked who out first: He did. What was your first date: A scrabble game. Before kids we played lots of scrabble. Who proposed: Sorry very unromatic, no proposals, just mutual conversations. Who has more siblings: he had 10 siblings and I have 2 sisters What is your favorite thing about him: Now, him playing with the kids- watching them giggle and totally take in their dad. Before kids, lots- but his parenting and care for family trumps all now.
Ok, so I did it- my first realish post- yeah- more to come definately- as far as tagging I don't know too many in the blogging world that haven't been tagged- Sue feel free to post on this if you'd like.
Happy Valentines Day everyone.


Mary said...

Oops- sorry about some of the editing- it looked different on my page- some definate learning curves on here for me and the day and time? That's all wrong too. Hang in there with me and I'll take advise and friendly criticism.

O said...

hey Mary! That was fun to read. Memes are a great way to get started, aren't they? You can poke around the web for more.
You can also edit a post even after you've published so if you want to noodle around a bit you can. I'm a big fan of "preview post" at the end to see if it looks the way I think it will.
Hang in there--you'll figure this stuff out in no time!
Oh-ps--check out Blogging Basics 101 if you want to learn more!

Sue said...

Great job!