Monday, March 10, 2008

PA as the next IA?

I've gotten several calls of sympathy from my family in Iowa-- they know all the "fun" that comes with political attention. The Iowa experience is very different as all the candidates descended on their little state as only the top two seek our attention. The candidate access and information deluge was both exciting and overwhelming by my family's report. My mom got swept up in it and caucused for the first time in many years- go Mom. Most of them were so glad when the caucus date finally arrived and reported that the phone calls, mailings, and TV and radio ads dried up immediately and this sudden drought was very welcome. So far I haven't seen this kick in here yet but it may. On the up side is the increased opportunity to hear the candidates first hand- I heard Obama speak in Iowa on Christmas break and am sure he will visit close to here at some point. What an interesting election year so far.
Oh, and it looks like posting monthly has been my style so far. Some day I'll take the time to get into this more- maybe, eventually.


O said...

Hey, monthly is a good way to start.
I'm grateful too that the deluge hasn't been full force yet since we do have weeks to go.
I have a goal of taking the boys to both candidates...I am aflutter that they will see that a woman or a non-white person is also a potential president. I love that they will grow up in a world that they won't remember as being anything but this way.

Sue said...

Yeah! Another post to read.