Saturday, June 28, 2008

Too much to figure out

Way too much to figure out. Thus the procrastination in blogland and life in general. A while back we talked about the possibility of moving someday- even potentially soon- I was panic struck at the thought of the vast amounts of stuff we have accumulated through the years. Too much stuff. Regardless of the when and where of a move I have to try to dig out for sanity sake. I have dabbled here and there in my attempts but too much stuff continues to remain. Any suggestions or words of encouragement are welcome. I know I'm not the only one with too much stuff, I think it is a very common affliction.
Questions: Is it too much or to much? Apologies if it is the later. Does anyone know anything about Texas?


O said...

Texas scares me. It was about my 44th state that I got to (other than fly-throughs). Too cowboy and too sure they are just not really part of the US.
We have waaaaaay too much stuff too. My goal was to get rid of the storage unit (!!!) by the end of this year. It's July and I've been twice so I'm not hopeful. But, in the last few weeks, a ton of stuff has left the house. It started b/c my sister in law had a baby. And it was like a breach of a dam...once that went, another friend who's having a baby needed other stuff, which reminded me to call the Mothers' Home, who took more stuff, and while getting rid of something else on Freecycle I saw a request for baby boy clothes, which I had in after months of inactivity, we've had a tremendous amount of Stuff leave the house. And it does feel good, in general, though it's a bit depressing to have gotten rid of so much and still have a mess. But, I didn't build the mess in a day.
If you want moral support to do...something...some morning in the next two weeks, give me a shout. After that, camp is over and we'd need to wait to Sept. for me to have at least one child in school to be of any use whatsoever. You've seen my house (yes?)...I can't possibly be judgemental, I have so much crap. But somehow it's easier with someone else's stuff. At least it is for me. Courage! You did a great job with the stuffed animals!

Mary said...

Thanks for the encouragement! But boy do I have a ton of work ahead of me and if the move really happens I don't know how I will clear it all out. Basically right now I'm in denial.