Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moving Piles

I am a piler, have been since I was little. Sometimes it works for me and I know what stuff is in each pile or file as I get more organized or when I'm at work. But mostly I have lots of piles. Scenario: I have a huge pile- it's in a box- I go through it and throw lots of stuff out- then I have a smaller pile to repeat another time. Then they just get moved around and added to- a vicious cycle. I need to have files with categories and then stick with them. I need to not accumulate so much junk. The last few days I've been going through piles- the fear of possible a move has lead me to do something while we wait for the final verdict. Anyway- I went through 2 big bags of paper and got it down to one smaller bag- yeah. I also found $20 dollars in a card that was long forgotten- bonus. But piles still exist. To be continued as I continue moving piles.


O said...

I am so with you, sister, on the piles. I am digging through the stuff on my computer desk, trying to make it an actual work space again. And when looking through toys to donate, a box I thought was baby toys? Wrong-o--all piles that had taken over our kitchen until we needed to move them for some event. Gulp.
Should probably recycle it all but know that there are a few gems (photos, etc.) so it has to be done.
Hang in there & keep us posted on the potential move! ('Cause you don't want to pay someone to move your piles!)

Motherhood101aplus said...

Have you settled in?

Motherhood101aplus said...
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Motherhood101aplus said...

Paper Tiger might be an opton.